Introducing a 1:1 iPad learning environment

Last Friday, it was finalized that CIS-B was going 1:1 with Apple iPADs for grades 8-12.

This decision was not taken lightly and was the result of “shopping” and learning about 2 other tablets and attending the Learning with Apple Workshop on August 3rd in Bangalore.

This workshop was attended by 6 CIS-B staff and we were all engaged, excited, and in awe of the learning possibilities intergrated with iPads.

This morning, in a 30 minute presentation, the keynote below was used to introduce the iPad to our CIS-B staff.

To validate and value both the excitement and the fear of this introduction, all were asked to write a one or two word comment on the positive feeling of being told that we are introducing iPads, and also to write the concern feeling of the announcement.

The cards were filled with


The other side was

Trepidation, how?, distraction, control, time, guidelines

The first images of the video were used to show how an iPAD and a picture might better represent their feelings.


Overall, there appeared to be an excitement and buzz, and also a sense of relief that the implementation would have a full year of teacher preparation time before the students walk in with their iPADs in August 2012.

Next step: One hour of Ideas to engage and interest staff in taking the tech plunge.





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