Coffee and Tech- Introducing our Parents to 1:1 Learning


 Some rights reserved by amanda28192
In the Secondary Library, about 15 parents learned about CIS’s one 2 one learning environment for next year.
Many were handling iPads for the first time.  All completed a Socrative quiz, and the immediate results were viewed in real time on the projected screen.
We did not succeed in completing all of the agenda below, but the discussion was encouraged.  Doubts about iPads vs other tablets were cleared.  Purchase plans were explained.
After a 45 minute introduction and seeing that iPads truly are educational, I feel that parents left happy that the iPad as a learning tool will be a great addition to their child’s learning experience.

Our Agenda is listed below and cross posted on my wiki.


1. Think BIG- Introductory Video
2. 1:1 learning introduction
3. Hands on workshop- Learning with the iPad

  • Socrative
  • iBooks
  • iTunes U
  • iMovie
  • Edmodo
  • Viseoprompt
  • Pages + Keynote

4. How will it work at CIS?
5. Questions and Answers


What do you think?

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