Back to School- Integrating iPad PD for Returning Staff and New Staff-All Students will have iPads next week.

First week Reflections

  1. New teachers were quick to get their Apple IDs and all things iPad set-up.  First steps checklist was completed independently and with ease.  No obstacles.
  2. QR Code Scavenger Hunt with new and returning staff saw all running around campus with iPads, taking photos, finding the laminator, and getting to know each other.  Appeared to be a great success.  I wish my QR codes could be named so that I didn’t have to keep scanning them to make sure I had the right clue at the right place.  iPhoto allowed me to name them but once printed… UGH!!
  3. Session 1  Back to the Basics, Edmodo vs. Wikispaces,  Common Guidelines, check out our PD Plan here.
  4. Gifting of Apps and Apple IDs-  This year, our teachers will be using two Apple IDs -one will be school owned and school purchased apps will be here.  The other will be personal and for the teacher.  This will hopefully work better for sharing of apps and for retaining school owned apps, when a teacher moves on.  Day 2 of using this method is today, so more on the success of this later.

Students arrive in one more week.  CIS is almost ready.  We are iPad ready.


What do you think?

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