Teachers & Students- We all have iPads!


Finally we have 185 students and 40 teachers learning with iPads in our school’s first one to one learning endeavor. The year long planning process was over three weeks ago. The last student got his iPad on Friday, three weeks late, but every student in grade 8-11 has an iPad to enhance their learning experience.

Are the students happy? YES!
Are the teachers happy? YES!

Teaching has been transformed. Teachers are moving around the classroom. Students are regularly taking photos of schedules, notes, or of each other. Most are using Edmodo, Dropbox, and email to transfer and share information. Socrative has become a popular app, as has Poplet, Pages, iMovie, and Keynote.

Paper is being used less…. Creativity in teaching and in recording the learning process is increased….

Balance is being sought, as we install filters to slow gaming and to preserve bandwidth. Balance is sought by teachers not wanting the tech to deter from the curricular objectives. Balance for our tech team, that has increased its workload phenomenally without increases in manpower. Balance for print or post.

Three weeks have passed. Engaged, and a little frustrated as we are maxing out our bandwidth most of the time…..but we (sort of) knew this might happen…… Next….more bandwidth, please…



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