Grade 7 Ipads

I believe that grade 7 should get Ipads. We would be able to learn better, it would be easier for ythe teachers, and easier for the students.

Ipads would enable the 7th grades to learn faster because we could easily switch from one app to another to help make research faster. It would be easier because no one would have to bring so many books to class. The 7th grade would also get a wider range of learning. There are many different apps that we could learn from.

It would be easier for the teachers because there wouldn’t be any lost or crumbled paper handed in because it would all be on the Ipads. The teachers would also be able to read papers very easily because no one would have sloppy hand writing. Also everything would easily be handed in on time through the Ipads and internet.

It would be much easier for the students as well. We would no longer have to drag all of our heavy books to every class, we would instead have them on the Ipad. With the Ipad it would take us less time to do homework with its new fast technology. So we can do other things. Also we would have much more fun in class with them, so we would always want to go to class!

If you gave us Ipads we would be forever grateful. The Ipads would really help us learn better, help the teachers, and help the students.

Amanda Aldrow


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