Connecting Families- Parent Workshop at CIS

Parents chatting about their biggest distractions.

Parents chatting about their biggest distractions.

On September 30, a group of interested parents joined us at CIS for a “Connecting Families” discussion and Coffee with the counsellor.  We introduced ourselves and then identified our own personal distractions.  Most of us answered with “my phone”.

We used the Common Sense Media’s distractions and multitasking video to  guide our discussion.   We shared what methods we were using at  home  to help our children learn life balance.   We had a variety of strategies which included locking it up, turning wifi up, requiring “outside” time, and we brainstormed more.  The sharing of ideas was helpful to all.

Another thought, are students using thier online time to create , not consume?  We recognized that creating is different than consuming.

At the end a few parents asked some direct questions about homework and texts.  Parents left knowing the CIS does have physical text books and that all students have access to them.  Parents left knowing that they are not the only parents feeling the way they are feeling.  Parents left knowing how to set restrictions on the iPad.

We will host another Connecting Families session soon. The resources used in our discussion sre linked below.



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