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Currently the Dean of Studies at Canadian International School-Bangalore, Former AP coordinator, IGCSE coordinator, and Boarding coordinator, IB,AP,AS, A, & IGCSE Science Teacher,  Distinguished Educator 2011, 1:1 computing enthusiast, Science really is everywhere. Mom to Spenser and Braelyn, In love with Shane since 1997.

What does the future look like?

On September 23rd, I was invited to speak to about 200 Educational Leaders by Edutech Review at their one day conference in Bangalore.  It was a great please to share my ideas with so many passionate school leaders from across India.

Please take a a look at the slides below.  By reviewing a lot of  Future Work/Job Skills research, I tried to connect education with preparation for the future.  I do believe that Problem Based Learning, when done well is absolutely the strongest learning experience that can prepare students can have as they move from school to working in the “real” world.

Do you agree with this look at the future?



Canadian International School(CIS) teachers are getting ready to host classroom visits and to lead workshops on Feb 15th.  CIS boasts 3 Apple Distinguished Educators and all 3 will be leading workshops.  We have a day planned that includes something for everyone.  We are even adding an implementation and leadership strand lead by CIS administrators.  While this TechConx will focus on iPads in the classroom, there will also be many web-based technology ideas shared.

There will be two hours of classroom visits, 3 workshops, and a keynote to end the day.

Here is the link to our workshop:

Connecting Families- Parent Workshop at CIS

Parents chatting about their biggest distractions.

Parents chatting about their biggest distractions.

On September 30, a group of interested parents joined us at CIS for a “Connecting Families” discussion and Coffee with the counsellor.  We introduced ourselves and then identified our own personal distractions.  Most of us answered with “my phone”.

We used the Common Sense Media’s distractions and multitasking video to  guide our discussion.   We shared what methods we were using at  home  to help our children learn life balance.   We had a variety of strategies which included locking it up, turning wifi up, requiring “outside” time, and we brainstormed more.  The sharing of ideas was helpful to all.

Another thought, are students using thier online time to create , not consume?  We recognized that creating is different than consuming.

At the end a few parents asked some direct questions about homework and texts.  Parents left knowing the CIS does have physical text books and that all students have access to them.  Parents left knowing that they are not the only parents feeling the way they are feeling.  Parents left knowing how to set restrictions on the iPad.

We will host another Connecting Families session soon. The resources used in our discussion sre linked below.


#cistechconx: Please complete this survey.

After spending a day with @E_Sheninger last Friday,  I vow to blog more.

After spending a day work shopping with colleagues about digital leadership, #digilead, we decided that in our fifth year of one to one learning with iPads, CIS is ready to host and share our best practices and ideas.

We would like to host a one or two day workshop at Canadian International School Bangalore in early 2016.  To help us gauge interest and to help us plan, we ask that you complete the following survey.

Why should you attend this workshop?
Teachers have been guiding learning with iPads for 5 years in our secondary school.
Secondary students have been aided by 1:1 iPad learning for 4 years.
Elementary teachers have been using iPads for 4 years and have had iPads available on a sign out basis too.
Our Elementary tech suite opened in August 2015 with iPads and tinker equipment.
This workshop is for teachers and all sessions will be lead by teachers.
All secondary courses are planned and taught using iTunesU- the free platform that provides a clear, simple to use i interface for pedagogical planning.

Please come learn with us at CIS.  Please share this survey with other schools in India.

Side note:
Being happy is the key to becoming more successful!  I recommend reading this blog post.