I bought my Dad an iPad!

In October, as sort of a joke, I bought my Dad an iPad! I truly thought Mom would be the one to actually use it….. But I was wrong. My Dad has his own email account! He checks the news online. He downloads apps. He has Skype. He hasn’t read a novel since he got it. He takes it to meetings. He travels with it. He sends me photos with it!

Mobile, anywhere, anytime learning….. That is my Dad. I have lived overseas since 1997, and he has written me an email for the first time when he got his “out of the box” session with me.

We have had a few Skype tutorials-most importantly to get ios5 updated and then to teach him how to shut it off completely. He had forgotten and it was stuck on the same website for a week. The battery had been recharged but safari was frozen. Turning it on and off worked. He was worried that he had broken it.

Now my Dad brings it to meetings, and traveling with him. He uses it to shop for farm tools, to bid on equipment, and to research the diary business in other parts of the country and world.

Why does my Dad use the iPad, but never used a desktop. Convenience. Ease of use. Access to information. He sits drinking coffee at the kitchen while checking news on the morning. He takes it to his comfy chair to play some solitaire. He uses it all the time.

I am proud of Dad! I love you DAD!!!