Our iPad feedback survey results- some surprises, some confirmations, some wild ideas!

CIS’s iPad Feedback Survey Results- 6 months in

So please provide feedback.  Did any of these results surprise you?  Will this feedback cause you to rethink your iPad initiative.  Let me know.CIS’s iPad Feedback Survey Results- 6 months in


Our students have had their iPads for 6 months! How are we doing?

CISB has been a 1:1 learning environment for the past 6 months.  250 students and 45 teachers have changed their classrooms.  Parents have had their students active and online at home and 24/7.

Collecting feedback is an important part of the process.  We will use parent and student suggestions to help us format our orientation process for the next school year and to identify any strength, weaknesses, or mis-conceptions.

What do you think about these questions?  What question did we forget to ask?

This survey was completed on Survey Monkey. Check it out here.

To be Tutored or Not

Lighthouse Beach

At this time of year, the issue of tutoring and its success arises.  As students, parents, and teachers push for success, the question of tutoring always comes up.  Is tutoring bad?  No, definitely not.

Do you believe in regular and consistent tutoring?    I don’t.

At my last school, I was the NHS (National Honor Society- a academic character and leadership building organization) advisor and we had students tutoring other students.  This is a great  activity, and a fantastic opportunity for both spectra of students.   I strongly encourage all schools to add a student tutoring other students programme.

My only concern as the advisor was matching the “right” tutor to the “right” student.  This was tricky, but once the scheduling got sorted and the students had their first meet-up, things usually went smoothly.  Another option that other schools have done, is to have “drop-in” tutoring.  This would mean that tutors are waiting to tutor as a designated space and time and then others stopped by when they needed help.  This was easy to organize but less productive as sometimes many tutor volunteers and few students showed to be tutored and alternatively  on the day when many needed tutoring there were not as many tutors available or present.   All of this is food for thought.  The structure of tutoring programmes can take many forms.  I do believe in this type of tutoring.

Well….  Although I believe in students helping other students and in teachers helping students.  I do not think students should need “tutoring” to keep up with the daily workload.  I think balance in life is important and I think if a student is admitted to a programme of study then they should also be able to succeed  in that programme of study without extra tutoring.   Tutoring that occurs for a specific topic or to help gain skills quickly is different. Short bursts of tutoring at exam crunch time or when a student finds a particular topic difficult  I do approve of that.

But for most students, if a school accepts them, then I feel that the student should be able to succeed without extra tuition.  Teaching the curriculum within the time frame of the school day and with appropriate amounts of homework should be enough to allow for student success.     Everyone doesn’t have to think like me.

What do you think?


Press Release: Digiteen 12-1 and CIS

Learning Goals as we move toward 1:1 Learning at CIS

CIS moves toward self learning as each teacher prepares for the 1:1 learning environment.  Everyone will have different goals for iPad intergration.  This is encouraged.  All training sessions in term 3 will be option and will be held on a variety of topics.

Do you have any suggestions?  Will this Continued Professional Development plan work?

Mumbai Apple Professional Development Training (APD, not ADE)- September 2011

APD- Sept 19-20 Mumbai, India

On September 19 and 20, I had the great experience of attending Apple Professional Development Training in Mumbai at the Hyatt Regency with 8 other colleagues from all over India.  We were invited to attend this workshop by Apple.  It was a very hands on and intimate training experience.  At the end of this training, we are Apple Professional Development Consultants (or Facilitators).  This experience was about leadership and about presenting ideas to colleagues in a workshop setting.

Dilnaz Bharucha & Amey Mahajan     Universal School Tardeo.

Steve Jobs while introducing the iPad in San F...

Image via Wikipedia

Vamshi Krishna    Delhi Public School Suret


Lissa Chazot      Mahatma Gandhi International School, Gujarat

Rajesh Marwaha

Kalpana Parikh

And me…   Melanie Kells Canadian International School, Bangalore

A. Narasimman (AKA Simman) from Apple India was on hand to help.  David Baugh was the workshop leader (see more information below).  Manish Goyal and Shaheed Khan were our welcoming hosts and gave us inspiring welcomes.

The training was extensive and exciting. The sharing of ideas and networking in the room was equally helpful and reassuring. We all have the same feelings of excitement and fear as we move down this educational path.

iPad as Writing Device

Image by Oldwoodchuck via Flickr

All attendees are moving forward with iPads in schools and we soon realized that we are all at the early stages of introducing these programmes in our schools.  We learned to present and educate teachers using the iPad and its tools.  We shared app ideas.  We generated app resources to be used at various grade levels and in many subject areas.  We worked independently to present and share ideas.  We also worked collaboratively to pitch a project.  This was most exciting and also most stressful.  We were kept to required timelines and we soon realized how important research and presentation building time is.      All of this was accomplished in a rigorous 2 days.

Most Important Learning at APD: Give our students (in this case, most our students will be our colleagues and our peers) time to use this ideas and resources is the most important thing we can do to help.  Also having the expertise to troubleshoot and help them solve their own problems will be an important aspect of leading APD training in our own schools and perhaps even as consultants around India.
Thanks Apple for this wonderful experience!

More about David Baugh
David Baugh (twitter dvineed) is a primary trained teacher with classroom experience or teaching students aged 5 – 18 as a school ICT coordinator and LA Advisor for Denbighshire with responsibility for all aspects of ICT and eLearning in 65 schools. He is now an independent trainer, author and adviser for ICT working for a wide range of organizations. He has been an Apple Distinguished Educator for 9 years and is an Apple Certified Trainer. He was the winner of the Teaching Awards Creative use of ICT in 2000 and BECTa’s ICT in Practice awards in 2001. He has an interest in the development of creativity in education especially with reference to its relevance to the use of digital media in the classroom. Most recently he has authored and developed the Digital Creator Award which a Level 1 and 2 qualification equivalent to the ECDL that allows students and teachers to get accreditation for the creative use of digital media (

Five Reasons why we choose to purchase these 5 Apps for our iPads

The Apps we decided on and why?
Pages                  Numbers                  Keynote                    Comiclife                     iMovie

  1. Giving these apps to teachers will hopefully,eventually allow us to remove the desktop computers from their classrooms.
  2.   These apps will be required for students, so we should be able to teach them how to use this apps.
  3. Giving alternatives to web-based apps will help if the internet is down.
  4. Many teachers have not had access to these tools and are use to Word, Excel, and Powerpoint providing tools that function similarly and allow these files to be opened is important to generating teacher support and to facilitating use of previously created materials through the iPad interface.
  5.  Someday our teachers may have Macbooks, while students keep the iPads…… maybe….

This keeps the total cost of apps under 45USD per iPad.

Tech Gurus at CISB- next step, get students involved…

Tech Gurus is a club or an extra-curricular time, called ECA at Canadian International SchoolBangalore.
A student group that meets for 45 minutes per week.  Students sign up once per term and must attend for 11 weeks, and hopefully the entire year.

Five brave and adventurous high school students signed up for this club.  They didn’t really know what it was for or about. Two hope to get CAS (community, action, service) time for these sessions to aid them in completing their IB diploma.

My goal for this group:  I would like these students to facilitate the “out of the box” sessions for students next year.  I would like them to be able to help teachers connect their iPads to their projectors and to help them send a print job to the c

ECA- first day with ipad -excitement!!

orrect printer.  I would like this group or some of its members to attend or become involved in the Flatclassroom project.

Our first meetings:  We talked about my big ideas for the club and what they saw as important for this club.  Excitement built when I told them that they would be using my iPad to learn and to guide others with.  They agreed to start a wiki.  Two students started a tumblr and a wikispace.  Both are shell pages only at the moment, but I do hope to see it used a  place to share ideas and to document their experiences.

A great suggestions was made at this first meeting.  Could a Payment plan for iPad Purchase start soon, so that students and their family could start paying for the iPad now in installments?

In the past 5 weeks, we have attended one teaching teachers session- the “out of the box” session for teachers, they have interviewed two different campus visitors. They have documented Club time using video and pictures using the iPad.  They have been exploring Comiclife and creating Tech Guru advertisements.  They have been rallying and recruiting members for this club.

Tech Gurus- 1st day with an iPad

Jaideep has decided to document all CIS events and create a term summary video for each term this year.

Next steps: Create a student survey for iPad use. Develop our wiki. Look into virtual participation at ASB Unplugged 2012!

The iPad Plan-first post since August! UGH!

iPad photos- Day 1

The Plan

  • Give teachers and CIS infrastructure a one year headstart in learning and planning, so that in August 2012, approximately 150 students will arrive with their iPads in hand, ready to learn.
  • Order 40 iPads and Smart Covers, add wifi structure to the entire secondary school. Make sure bandwidth is enough to support this learning environment.
  • Have teacher’s personalize their iPads and be in charge of their care and updating. Have teacher’s sign a iPad contract. Have our IT department help with registering, updating, and facilitating purchasing from Bangalore-based Apple product distributors.
  • Our goal is to have at least 10 hours of iPad PD in this year, to help teachers gain confidence in using this tool in their classroom.
  •  iPads do not require a lot of cords and wires and servers. iPads charged the night before will last throughout a whole day of learning. Many iPad features work without internet connection required. At CIS, electrical outages and Airtel network downs occur regularly. iPads may be personalized, they are portable, they are fun.
  • Engaged and excited teachers create enthusiastic learners. Each teacher will sign up for their own Apple ID and decide on once place to sync their device. The choice is theirs:- a home computer with iTunes installed or a school computer (in the staffroom). Teachers will be responsible for the loading and installation of apps and updates. They will be encouraged to personalize their iPads.
  • The teachers are modelling what we will expect from the students next year. They will feel the energy and the frustration of learning a new skill. CIS will learn and troubleshoot along the way, creating a strong student rollout plan for August 2012.