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ASB Unplugged: FACE 2 FACE for Flatclassroom

Attending the Flat Classroom and working with 6 others to create an elevator pitch for an innovative transforming educational idea in 4 hours was a fantastic effort of teamwork, tech skills, and talk skills. We were really proud of our product, our clever integration of social media as an important and useful tool for all classrooms. We knew students would approve, we were sure that school administration and parents might resist. We wanted all audiences to be convinced that social media should be taught and should be integrated into our schools. We represented schools from Oman, Myanmar, Egypt, and India. Each of us battling to have responsible use accepted and promoted at our schools. The time spent brainstorming helped us create such clever statements as:
Tweet 1: Going to watch football?
Tweet 2: Raiders or Man U?

As demonstrations of cultural awareness that grows with the use of social media.

Facebook status: Can’t make the Skype call on Sunday (church).
Response comment: Can’t make Friday (mosque), how about Saturday?

We knew our idea was great.

How did the pitch go? We were so absorbed in the details that we forgot simplicity and a clear solution. We equally presented, our keynote was made with skill and expertise, but most of the feedback was giving us mediocre results.

Did we care? Not really? We adjusted our pitch with each suggestion, but at the end of the day, our passion for the idea was clouding our judgement and we didn’t really care, because we had a good idea, we liked our idea, and we didn’t really care what everyone else thought?

hmmmmm… Do our students ever feel like that?

This posted was started in February, forgotten, finished, and then posted in May. Thanks Flatclassroom for a wonderful day! We had a wonderful day learning together.