The day before Winter break!

The annual talent show stepped it up this year. Ballet, Jazz, Songs, Bands. It was great. Middle School began the day with an “Hour of Code”. Students and teachers participated and had a great time during the Hour of Code. For more information, check out this great website.
Approximately 500 students at CIS completed this Hour of Code during December. All had a great time completing these tasks.
This video was filmed on an iPhone and edited in iMovie on the iPhone. Enjoy.

The CIS Student News

   Students at CIS celebrated an Hour of Code with Hopscotch. There were impromptu carollers strolling the campus.  High school students shared their talents.  Watch this to see more about “The day before Winter Break”.


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Training the Teachers-Week 2 with iPads

Sept.26- 3 hours in groups of 20

Simman from Apple visited CIS to help us learn more about our iPad and how to use them.  We spent 3 hours exploring and learning. This session was repeated again in the afternoon.  The size of 20 was optimal, as everyone got attention, and was able to ask questions as they arose.  We enjoyed the day, and left with more and more things to explore on our iPads.

The highlights:

  1. We are a part of the change– history of Mac and apple products.
  2. Motivation to learn and lead the change videos-iPads really are new in schools
  3. Hands on exploring of general settings-let’s get using our iPads
  4. Email access- Zimbra on our iPads- Always important- get your school email loading onto the iPad.
  5. Explore our Apple Wiki and use of WebDav to share information
  6. Move documents for a wiki to iBooks.
  7. Features of iBooks-define, highlight, add notes….
  8. Learn to store images from the internet and to move them into Pages, Keynote, and iMovie
  9. Apps downloading and redeeming of gifts
  10. Learning to use Pages and a quick introduction to iMovie.

The downfall of the day: By rolling out the iPads on Wednesday and Thursday and then not completing the iPad apps gifting on Friday, some were left without apps on Monday morning, training hinged upon having the Apps up and running.  We also managed to “bog” our internet down on Monday, as we all tried to download the Apps at the same time…..

Most significant learning: LEAVE time to download all apps onto iPads, before training occurs…..

Patience and Time… everyone needs these……. Integrating new tech needs these too.


Tech Gurus- What does that mean to you?

Tech Gurus- Weekly on Thursdays-  A head start on the iPad

At CIS, students in grades 6-12 were invited to join a student group that meets for 45 minutes per week, as an extra curricular activity.

These students will become iPad leaders next year, and will be helping with the iPad rollout to students in August 2011.

In the first sessions, we discussed a wiki or tumblr to record the Tech Guru’s effort.  Our page is still in the development stage and not yet ready to be shared.

We have brainstormed about concerns about iPad purchasing.  One student suggested a Student payment plan for iPad purchase. This student suggested a monthly deposit to the school from January until August when the student finally receives her/her iPad. We are going to get a start on this.

We spoke of ASB unplugged in Bombay in February.  The students were introduced to the idea of a flat classroom project.  We are hoping to attend.


Once the iPads arrived, these students explored the campus. Taking photos of other clubs and playing with Photobooth was a great exploratory use of the iPad.

Students have explored creating Comiclife , taking photos, conducting interviews and recording videos.  Tech Gurus are becoming adovocates for technology at CIS.

Students have practiced  with iPhoto, Comiclife, and iMovie. They have interviewed those visiting our campus. They attended the Out of the Box session with some teachers.  Only one of these students has an iPad at home. Another has a Mac laptop.  They are excited and building momentum for our rollout next spring.

You will be hearing more from our CIS Tech Gurus!

Once the iPads arrived, these students explored the campus taking photos of other clubs. Playing with Photobooth was a great exploratory use of the iPad.

Students have explored creating Comiclife posters , taking photos, conducting interviews and recording videos.  Tech Gurus are becoming adovocates for technology at CIS.

Finally, each group member has decided on a goal for term 2. Let’ see what our Tech Gurus can do!

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