iPad Apps

iPads and IGCSE Physics-How do they work together?

With one iPad in the classroom, we use it for displaying keynote presentations and sharing with the class.

More interestingly, the iPad is often used during cooperative activities.  It  is used as one of four learning stations that I set up when students are working on labs and/or cooperative activities.

Doc Brown's interactive worksheets

Currently, we are studying Atomic Physics/Nuclear Chemistry.  I found Doc Brown’s Interactive worksheets great for review.

Its a free iPad App that shows all the nuclear power plants around the world-

When we were discussing Japan and Fukushima.  We wanted to know where the nearest nuclear power plants are.  We also wanted to confirm that most nuclear power plants are built near oceans or seas.  It is true.  What surprised most students?  The number of nuclear power plants in Europe.  They were absolutely surprised.  They know now that Nuclear Power Plants safety issues are everyone’s concern, not just Japan’s.

Build a bomb shelter within budget-Simply Physics App

The Grade 9s are competitive and have begun rushing to complete their classwork in time to get a chance to use the Simply Physics App where they build tree houses, underwater subs, and bomb shelters to survive and to be completed on budget.  I loved seeing students come back to class with this app loaded onto their own personal iPod touches and iPhones.  Seeing students doing Physics in their free time.  Awesome!

Both apps highlighted here were free on the day I downloaded them.  Do you have any other good suggestions for iPad apps in the Physics classroom?