First Steps, 1:1 iPad ideas

We are getting iPads soon, so what can you do to prepare?

Have fun, explore the web for iPAD ideas.

15 Minutes

Here are some great mobile learning/1:1 learning sites.

  • Connecting with others
  • Many are bookmarked here on my online bookmarking account- Delicious. Click around, enjoy.
  • Apple has produced a great site for mobile and iPad learning
  • Anytime, Anywhere Learning is a great resource for step-by-step planning and implementation of a 1:1 programme


  • If you do not have an iTunes account, then get one here.

15 Minutes

  • Google Docs: Here is the Web 2.0 google doc that will be used in the ES web 2.0 training this afternoon.  Google docs is available and functioning on the iPad too. It is a great place to collaborate. It is free. It is a word processer, just like Word or Pages. Try it out!

15 Minutes

  • Check out I tunes U
  • Check out the Apps store.  There are many apps that go on sale or “free” for limited time periods. Geometer’s Sketchpad is free right now. Download it this month, as it will cost 3.99 after August.

15 Minutes

  • Accessibility– Dictionary functions, voice over,
  • In Pages or text edit Highlight word Control Command D-  definition
  • Voice over, Summarize, speech to iTunes voice.

Next steps, digital citizenship awareness and acceptable use….

Other great tools- Evernote, Dropbox, Twitter with Tweetdeck, Edmodo….. I can help you use any of these in your classroom. They all have desktop versions that sync to smart phones and iPads.

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