TechConX Feb 2017

CIS invites you to TechConX on Febrary 23 and 24th in Bangalore.  We have expanded the Technology Conference to include a Pre- Conference  of learning and classroom visits.

Please save the date and register on Dec 5th.

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Contextual Learning- The third year

Week 2: May 7-11, 2016
Grade 6 Students are learning about cultural and self awareness this week. They created this video in about 2 hours.
15 of their peers are on site contextual learning on the roads of South India this week.

Watch and Enjoy!



Canadian International School(CIS) teachers are getting ready to host classroom visits and to lead workshops on Feb 15th.  CIS boasts 3 Apple Distinguished Educators and all 3 will be leading workshops.  We have a day planned that includes something for everyone.  We are even adding an implementation and leadership strand lead by CIS administrators.  While this TechConx will focus on iPads in the classroom, there will also be many web-based technology ideas shared.

There will be two hours of classroom visits, 3 workshops, and a keynote to end the day.

Here is the link to our workshop:



High School Students give their feedback on their second year of learning in a 1:1 iPad Environment

Approximately half of  CIS’s IGCSE and IB Diploma students completed the iPad survey this year.

Opinions vary widely amongst this group.  Parental interaction with this group and their iPad is definitely low.

Most students happily use the iPads daily, but some “wish” to BYOlaptop instead.   This is a wish which will not be possible to grant as we are more than likely moving to iTunesU next year.  Many have already started to created their iTunesU courses.  In August, CIS will have a few more public iTunesU courses for all to access and use.  At present, we are the first school in India to be publically providing iTunesU courses.  That number is sure to grow, as India got approved for iTunesU only in February 2014.

Most of these students are using iPad2 16GB models with wifi, as that was the recommended purchase when we began the program for students in August 2012.  They have been learning with iPads for 1.5 years.

Do you have data from your school and its use of technology?  Are you experiencing reluctance from IB students to see the value in an iPad?  I would love to hear from you…

Thanks to Survey Monkey for making this data easily to present.

iPad Survey Results- 20% of Parents Responded after 2 years of 1:1 iPads at CIS

Parents were emailed.

Parents were invited to provide feedback at our Student Led Conferences.

20% of parents provided feedback on this year’s iPad experience with their child in their home.

Most are happy.  Most.

Thanks, Survey Monkey for making the analysis portion of this so easy.

CIS has lots of information to guide us and to help us in our planning of year 3 with iPads- 2014-2015!  The journey definitely continues. We evolve.

Teaching with iPads- our 3rd year

As we began, our 3rd year of 1:1 Learning with iPads at CIS, Shwa and I, with complete support of the administration structure, created this document as a guideline for documenting iPad use, as a reflection tool, and as a Rubric for refining the way iPads are being used in our secondary school.

Three Steps are outlined.
Add iPad integration to all Course Outlines.
Collaborating and presenting SAMR as a department.
Create a SAMR video reflection of teaching with iPads in your classroom.

All steps will be completed by the end of the month. I can’t wait to see the amazing videos that CIS teachers create. How do you monitor, reflect, and assess 1:1 effectiveness at your school?

Grade 7 Ipads

I believe that grade 7 should get Ipads. We would be able to learn better, it would be easier for ythe teachers, and easier for the students.

Ipads would enable the 7th grades to learn faster because we could easily switch from one app to another to help make research faster. It would be easier because no one would have to bring so many books to class. The 7th grade would also get a wider range of learning. There are many different apps that we could learn from.

It would be easier for the teachers because there wouldn’t be any lost or crumbled paper handed in because it would all be on the Ipads. The teachers would also be able to read papers very easily because no one would have sloppy hand writing. Also everything would easily be handed in on time through the Ipads and internet.

It would be much easier for the students as well. We would no longer have to drag all of our heavy books to every class, we would instead have them on the Ipad. With the Ipad it would take us less time to do homework with its new fast technology. So we can do other things. Also we would have much more fun in class with them, so we would always want to go to class!

If you gave us Ipads we would be forever grateful. The Ipads would really help us learn better, help the teachers, and help the students.

Amanda Aldrow

Term 1 with iPads is finished!


Students in Grade 8-11 have had the iPad experience enriching their learning for the past 14 weeks.
Primary uses observed.
1. Collecting data- taking photos of school events, recording notes, and organizing and prioritizing workloads.
2. Web based research- at your finger tips answers.
3. Dropbox and Edmodo are included in most every teacher’s workflow.

Since August, students have been guided to preserve bandwidth by turning of notifications, and by limiting their access to YouTube and Downloading of Apps. CIS has recently doubled its bandwidth capacity, so we look forward to speedier connections and greater use of Socrative, Nearpod, and subject specific apps.

To filter, To not filter, how much to filter…..
This is the daily question at CIS! Preserving bandwidth is important. Keeping kids safe is important. Using all of the learning experiences of the Internet is important. How much are you Filtering at your school? Which filter do you think is best? Why?

Professional Development for 1:1 learning with iPads at CIS


Here is a site that I have created to use with parents and staff, as we move closer to our One to One learning implementation in August 2012.

Tomorrow, we will start off with Socrative and move through a 3 hour lesson complete with transitions, rubrics, and true planning.

Acceptable Use discussions will be initiated.

The landscape of classrooms and teaching methodology is being changed at CIS.

Do you have any suggestions for us, as we move forward? I would love to hear from you.