Our iPad feedback survey results- some surprises, some confirmations, some wild ideas!

CIS’s iPad Feedback Survey Results- 6 months in

So please provide feedback.  Did any of these results surprise you?  Will this feedback cause you to rethink your iPad initiative.  Let me know.CIS’s iPad Feedback Survey Results- 6 months in


Another step in the Planning Process…Coffee and Tech- Introducing our Parents to 1:1 Learning


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In the Secondary Library, about 15 parents learned about CIS’s one 2 one learning environment for next year.  CIS students and their families will be purchasing iPads for August and will have to have 5 purchased APPs.  This will be required of all students grade 8-11.  Parents and students were told this last August for complete implementation this August. 
Many were handling iPads for the first time.  All completed a Socrative quiz, and the immediate results were viewed in real time on the projected screen.   They also followed a QR Code to get to the wiki created for the event.  I demo’d Edmodo, showing them what is going on in my Physics class.  Many our students are already using Edmodo in their classes, so this was not new to our parents.
We did not succeed in completing all of the agenda below, but the discussion was encouraged.  Doubts about iPads vs other tablets were cleared.  Purchase plans were explained.
After a 45 minute introduction and seeing that iPads truly are educational, I feel that parents left happy that the iPad as a learning tool will be a great addition to their child’s learning experience.
Having this meeting, fielding parent concerns, having a plan, and sharing ideas is helping the adoption of iPads succeed at CIS.
Next meeting topics:  Apple IDs, No Credit Card Accounts, Download Apps, Gifting Apps.  Our next meeting will focus on the “nitty gritty business” of  getting each child’s iPad ready for learning. 

Our Agenda is listed below and cross posted on my wiki.


1. Think BIG- Introductory Video
2. 1:1 learning introduction
3. Hands on workshop- Learning with the iPad

  • Socrative
  • iBooks
  • iTunes U
  • iMovie
  • Edmodo
  • Viseoprompt
  • Pages + Keynote

4. How will it work at CIS?
5. Questions and Answers