out of the box

“Out of the box” Ipad sessions at CISB- do you agree with the way we did it?

Out of the Box  Sept 21-22, 2011

1 hour in small groups

On Sept. 17th, a Googledoc sign-up sheet was sent out for iPad sign-up. 10 teachers signed up for the first available slot of Wednesday, Sept. 21st, and only 3 didn’t sign up at all.   Prakash and Syed, has already registered, barcoded, and added the VGA adaptors and smart covers to each iPad.  Teachers signed up for one 45 minute session anytime Thursday or for Wednesday after school.  The secondary staffroom was a buzz of activity for this 24 hours as many teachers came back for extra session time.  Here is the checklist that we tried to accomplish.  We didn’t get to the last two objectives until the second session.  Most teachers had not arrived with an iTunes account and this took up one complete 45 minutes session on the desktop computers getting their non-credit card iTunes accounts, remembering Apple IDs and passwords, and deciding which address and which apple store to start their account in.  Teacher had been asked to complete this prior to the first session, but many used this first session to do this, and thus attended more sessions later in the day.

iPad2 First Steps: Learning Checklist

After this session I will be able to:

Everyone is gone to Lunch-All is Quiet at CI

  • sign into iTunes on my iPad.
  • download apps from iTunes.
  1. Photoshop Express
  2. iBooks
  3. Virtual Piano
  4. Show me
  • take a photo.
  • take a video.
  • change the wallpaper.
  • add a web-based email to the Mail App.
  • use the voice-over function.
  • set the clock, date, and time.
  • add an iTunesU resource to your iPad.
  • sync and charge your iPad.

The iPads arrive- lots of excitement and wows from staff.  Many thought that the iPad talk, was just talk.  All were very pleased to see them, hold them, and use them.  Most were also nervous and anxious about how to use the iPad.  We did not have time to complete the last two items on this list.  Out of the box at CIS was the first time, many staff have used an Apple product.  The learning curve is steep. We will finish the list on Friday.

Our next training is scheduled for Friday afternoon. Teachers are eager and have alot of questions and energy  for a Friday afternoon at 3 (highly unusual for teachers, who really do like to head home early on Fridays).  They are ready for their apps.  We have 24 more hours to get them volume purchased or gifted to them.  We need to be ready with Pages, Numbers, Keynote, iMovie, and Comiclife for Friday afternoon, as we have an hour on Friday and then a full day of Apple PD on Monday.