Our iPad feedback survey results- some surprises, some confirmations, some wild ideas!

CIS’s iPad Feedback Survey Results- 6 months in

So please provide feedback.  Did any of these results surprise you?  Will this feedback cause you to rethink your iPad initiative.  Let me know.CIS’s iPad Feedback Survey Results- 6 months in


Our students have had their iPads for 6 months! How are we doing?

CISB has been a 1:1 learning environment for the past 6 months.  250 students and 45 teachers have changed their classrooms.  Parents have had their students active and online at home and 24/7.

Collecting feedback is an important part of the process.  We will use parent and student suggestions to help us format our orientation process for the next school year and to identify any strength, weaknesses, or mis-conceptions.

What do you think about these questions?  What question did we forget to ask?

This survey was completed on Survey Monkey. Check it out here.

To be Tutored or Not

Lighthouse Beach

At this time of year, the issue of tutoring and its success arises.  As students, parents, and teachers push for success, the question of tutoring always comes up.  Is tutoring bad?  No, definitely not.

Do you believe in regular and consistent tutoring?    I don’t.

At my last school, I was the NHS (National Honor Society- a academic character and leadership building organization) advisor and we had students tutoring other students.  This is a great  activity, and a fantastic opportunity for both spectra of students.   I strongly encourage all schools to add a student tutoring other students programme.

My only concern as the advisor was matching the “right” tutor to the “right” student.  This was tricky, but once the scheduling got sorted and the students had their first meet-up, things usually went smoothly.  Another option that other schools have done, is to have “drop-in” tutoring.  This would mean that tutors are waiting to tutor as a designated space and time and then others stopped by when they needed help.  This was easy to organize but less productive as sometimes many tutor volunteers and few students showed to be tutored and alternatively  on the day when many needed tutoring there were not as many tutors available or present.   All of this is food for thought.  The structure of tutoring programmes can take many forms.  I do believe in this type of tutoring.

Well….  Although I believe in students helping other students and in teachers helping students.  I do not think students should need “tutoring” to keep up with the daily workload.  I think balance in life is important and I think if a student is admitted to a programme of study then they should also be able to succeed  in that programme of study without extra tutoring.   Tutoring that occurs for a specific topic or to help gain skills quickly is different. Short bursts of tutoring at exam crunch time or when a student finds a particular topic difficult  I do approve of that.

But for most students, if a school accepts them, then I feel that the student should be able to succeed without extra tuition.  Teaching the curriculum within the time frame of the school day and with appropriate amounts of homework should be enough to allow for student success.     Everyone doesn’t have to think like me.

What do you think?