iPad training 2 at CIS-1 hours on a Friday afternoon.

Shot with iPad on a Sunday afternoon drive

After the iPad rollout on Wednesday and Thursday, we invited Cubic Computing- the vendor that we purchased the iPads from, to provide guidance on iPad use. The hope for this session was to get our 5 apps downloaded and working on the iPads.

Until the afternoon of  the training, we were still hoping for a volume purchase option for our Apps and still had not gained the help needed from our Apple representatives. This didn’t happen.  There is not volume purchasing in India, and you cannot buy apps in one store and gift to another store.  Most of Friday was used to determine all of this.

On Friday afternoon, our session did not go as planned.  It was fun and interesting, but focused on Mac and Apple products, without the hands on learning that teachers were most interested in.  The facilitator was not comfortable with questions and didn’t respond well to the enthusiastic questions of our staff.  As we have all heard  a million times, teachers do not always make the best students.  Each teacher had already generated a lot of questions and was eager to move on in their iPad discovery. We were spirited and enthusiastic.  We scared our workshop leader.

We did get a great introduction into iBooks and its capabilities.  We did get a plan to distribute the apps over the weekend.  We gathered all staff Apple IDs, so that we could gift their purchases to the correct account.  Mailing the gifts to their school email wouldn’t work, as we encouraged everyone to use their private emails for their Apple IDs.  In hindsight, it would have been easier to have all teachers with their school email address as their Apple ID, but then again some staff members already have iTunes accounts and just want to keep on using that.

During the weekend, Prakash and I will get teachers gifted with the 5 Apps.  iTunes gifting doesn’t allow you to gift multiple apps at once, but you can gift the same app to many people at once. Some teachers will purchase their apps using their own credit cards, as all gifts must be purchased and used in the store that they were purchased in.  We have credit cards to gift from the India store and the Canada store, but not to other countries… so they will self-purchase.

Lessons learned:  Keep planning ahead, the rollout was planned meticulously, but this offer of guidance was last minute, and therefore felt last minute.

We learned a lot about creating Apple IDS (without credit cards), and about the purchasing and gifting of Apps.  We wished we had learning this just a bit earlier.

But not to worry, we have smaller group training on Monday with Education Representatives from Apple, so for three hours on Monday in groups of 15-20, we will gain the inspirations and insight to help us bring our iPads into our classrooms…



Would you sign this iPad agreement?

All 35 teachers at Canadian International School Bangalore did!!

Canadian International School Bangalore wishes to ensure that all teachers have ready access to adequate mobile computing resources in order to provide high quality education to the students at the school.

This Agreement is between CIS



(Name of teacher and designation)

The following are the conditions under which the teacher will accept the provision of a mobile computer/iPad for his/her use from the School.

This Agreement will start on receipt of the device from the school. The school reserves the right to transfer the iPad  to another eligible teacher if the teacher does not, or is unable to, for any reason, fulfill the requirements of this Agreement.

Under this Agreement the School will:

  • Provide the teacher with:
    • an iPad  equipped with the necessary software to prepare educational materials;
    • ample instruction in how to use their iPads.
    • ongoing technical support both for hardware and software to keep the iPad working well.
  • Provide access to server space to backup all school related data from each teacher’s iPad. However, the school will not take responsibility for backing up personal data such as music and pictures. It is recommended the teacher also uses a USB device or home storage to backup work.
  • Provide a 1 year warranty from Apple upon purchase of the iPad by CIS. Please familiarize yourself with the warranty conditions.  Any charges for damage or loss are the responsibility of the teacher.
  • Provide computers in the staffroom, to allow syncing and access to iTunes.

Conditions of Use

  1. It is expected that teachers who are issued with iPads
    • agree to participate in the PD program which is designed to:
      • familiarize teachers with their iPads and how to use them for learning in the classroom
      • outline sensible procedures to safeguard the school’s property.
    • agree to the School’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), in particular that inappropriate content is not be placed on the iPad.
  1. Teachers who participate in the iPad program must make a commitment to achieving the ICT/E-Learning goals of the School and take part in the ICT/E-Learning professional development activities provided for you by the School.
  2. The iPad is for work use. Teachers are encouraged to use the iPad outside work hours.
  3. The iPad remains the property of the school at all times.
  4. Teachers are both permitted and encouraged to take their iPads home and to work from home. The iPad is always to be available and charged at school for work.
  5. The iPad is to be returned to the school at the end of each academic year, or earlier if employment is terminated. With approval from the Head of School the iPad may be borrowed for summer holiday use. 100% responsibility for the iPads care is placed on the teacher during this use.  A separate holiday use contract will be issued.
  6. Teachers are held responsible for any loss or damage to the iPad and may be asked to pay servicing and/or replacement costs if damages occur.  The total cost will decided upon by the Head of School.
  7. Teachers must take adequate care and security precautions when using their iPad.  For example, teachers will not leave their iPad in an unlocked room, unsecured overnight at school, or in any car while the car is unoccupied.
  8. Teachers will immediately report any damage or loss of the iPad to the School.
  9. Teachers will refer any problems in using the iPad to a member of the IT Department at CIS.
  10. Teachers will be responsible for syncing their iPad to their personal Itunes account. This must occur to one computer only. You may choose a particular computer in the secondary staffroom or your home computer/laptop.  Apps purchased by the school will be gifted to staff iPads and to  the teachers’ iTunes account.  These Apps may not be shared onto other non-CIS personal devices.  Apps must be shared back to CIS or to the next teacher using the iPad at the end of a teacher’s contract.  If the Apps cannot be shared back to CIS, the leaving teacher will have to purchase these apps from CIS at cost.
  11. Teachers are welcome to customize their iPad (System Preferences…) and must use the provided iPad cover when transporting and using their iPads.




                                    (Name of teacher and designation)

accepts the conditions, as outlined in the iPad Agreement, 

for provision of an iPad by Canadian International School Bangalore


The teacher has been provided with a __________________________________iPad2

                                                                                 (Make and model)


with serial no. _________________________, an iPad charging cable, a projector adaptor, and an iPad cover.


____________________________ ______________________________

      SIGNED       (TEACHER)                                   SIGNED (IT DEPARTMENT))


DATED __________________


“Out of the box” Ipad sessions at CISB- do you agree with the way we did it?

Out of the Box  Sept 21-22, 2011

1 hour in small groups

On Sept. 17th, a Googledoc sign-up sheet was sent out for iPad sign-up. 10 teachers signed up for the first available slot of Wednesday, Sept. 21st, and only 3 didn’t sign up at all.   Prakash and Syed, has already registered, barcoded, and added the VGA adaptors and smart covers to each iPad.  Teachers signed up for one 45 minute session anytime Thursday or for Wednesday after school.  The secondary staffroom was a buzz of activity for this 24 hours as many teachers came back for extra session time.  Here is the checklist that we tried to accomplish.  We didn’t get to the last two objectives until the second session.  Most teachers had not arrived with an iTunes account and this took up one complete 45 minutes session on the desktop computers getting their non-credit card iTunes accounts, remembering Apple IDs and passwords, and deciding which address and which apple store to start their account in.  Teacher had been asked to complete this prior to the first session, but many used this first session to do this, and thus attended more sessions later in the day.

iPad2 First Steps: Learning Checklist

After this session I will be able to:

Everyone is gone to Lunch-All is Quiet at CI

  • sign into iTunes on my iPad.
  • download apps from iTunes.
  1. Photoshop Express
  2. iBooks
  3. Virtual Piano
  4. Show me
  • take a photo.
  • take a video.
  • change the wallpaper.
  • add a web-based email to the Mail App.
  • use the voice-over function.
  • set the clock, date, and time.
  • add an iTunesU resource to your iPad.
  • sync and charge your iPad.

The iPads arrive- lots of excitement and wows from staff.  Many thought that the iPad talk, was just talk.  All were very pleased to see them, hold them, and use them.  Most were also nervous and anxious about how to use the iPad.  We did not have time to complete the last two items on this list.  Out of the box at CIS was the first time, many staff have used an Apple product.  The learning curve is steep. We will finish the list on Friday.

Our next training is scheduled for Friday afternoon. Teachers are eager and have alot of questions and energy  for a Friday afternoon at 3 (highly unusual for teachers, who really do like to head home early on Fridays).  They are ready for their apps.  We have 24 more hours to get them volume purchased or gifted to them.  We need to be ready with Pages, Numbers, Keynote, iMovie, and Comiclife for Friday afternoon, as we have an hour on Friday and then a full day of Apple PD on Monday.

Five Reasons why we choose to purchase these 5 Apps for our iPads

The Apps we decided on and why?
Pages                  Numbers                  Keynote                    Comiclife                     iMovie

  1. Giving these apps to teachers will hopefully,eventually allow us to remove the desktop computers from their classrooms.
  2.   These apps will be required for students, so we should be able to teach them how to use this apps.
  3. Giving alternatives to web-based apps will help if the internet is down.
  4. Many teachers have not had access to these tools and are use to Word, Excel, and Powerpoint providing tools that function similarly and allow these files to be opened is important to generating teacher support and to facilitating use of previously created materials through the iPad interface.
  5.  Someday our teachers may have Macbooks, while students keep the iPads…… maybe….

This keeps the total cost of apps under 45USD per iPad.