WordPress for Student Blogs- Is this the best free blog for use solely on the iPad?

At CIS, many teachers are ready to move to classroom blogs, and we are even thinking of a student portfolio blog where the students would reflect learn, grow, and share their learning experience across their subjects in one blog.

With that in mind, which blogging tool would be best? We are one to one iPads in our secondary school. We would need them to be able to have more than one editor. We would need to add images, text, and video.

We would like to be able to add widgets or gadgets and to let students personalize this blog.

Weebly is out, as you cannot set up the blog on an iPad.
Wordpress is in the running. Constantly improving, but with our student newspaper, the blog didn’t
like multiple editors, even though all help pages say it is possible.

Blogger is in the running. It works well from Safari and I have just downloaded the app to see. How it will work.

This post is being written in the word press app. Links have been added.

20130228-064857.jpg. A photo was added. Adding video will cost 57 US/yr. Images from camera roll may be added.

Editing in the app shows up as HTML coding.
This is probably a good thing.

Which blogging tool is best on your iPad? Creating blogs, not only consuming blogs…..


What do you think?

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